Thursday, September 6, 2012

hey there! this is just a blog of random things, from cats to comedy. You can talk about anything here, preferably something fun. Or share photos from google that are awesome. I really like photos from google and i might actually share a lot of them on this blog.

Best news recently: I'll be joining the Wydown Buzz, the school newspaper soon.  Hope i get to  make comics.

Worst news recently: Lately, I've got a D in math and dad has gotten quite grumpy about it.

Joke- Why do Republicans make good enviromentalists? They are conservative! :-) 

Friday, August 24, 2012

my first post

HEy there! I may not have time to add information,so everything may not be very updated at first. But keep checking for information to see if I've added anything new! :-)

I'm just starting this blog, so it may be a little bland at first, but i'll keep growing it. Soon it will be a very cool blog.